Notes on a Framework


Industrialization in the last century in America has encouraged thinking that advocates for less understanding of a whole system. Media and the marketplace continue to promote a techno-utopian idealization of the future for a collective humanity. This perspective is either naïve to or knowingly benefits economic and political interests.  This type of endorsement persists in the face of every new disaster: as we alter our own ability to inhabit the planet, we will continue to believe we can counter the damage with another technological innovation. When I examine fragmentation, whether in learning, attention, or the obscure links within a long supply chain I ask: who has access to the larger picture, and the power that comes with it?

I’m currently studying the potential for micro and macro networks to participate together in interdependent systems of exchange: with each other, the earth, and non-humans. The Internet, with its decentralized network of attributes, seems the perfect place for this research to accumulate.

This site will consist of short essays, scanned notes, collected and uploaded research. As tribute to whole systems thinking, it will be organized using the overarching framework of the 1968 Whole Earth Catalog as a set of overlapping categories:

  • Shelter and Land Use
  •  Industry and Craft
  • Communications
  • Community
  • Nomadics
  • Learning