Flock Houses and Wearable Homes

The limited space inside of Flock Houses and Wearable Homes confined their users to only the most necessary objects, while every object that was brought onto the Waterpod stayed there and became either compost or a repurposed building element.  Recently, I have been exploring human and environmental ramifications in the production and distribution pathways of the objects that I carry. Beginning by researching each object I surround myself with in terms of its production, I ask: Who and what was affected during production and distribution, and how am I implicated in the potential damages? How do the objects I own mediate my life and how can they control my daily routine? Critic and historian Jennifer González has written about autotopographies in part to explain the relationship between things and a person’s subjectivity. I anticipate reaching a multifaceted understanding about the social agency an object carries and thereby confronting the idea and reality of exponential growth.