1. Proposal for a long-term Forest Garden in the land. For many years in the United States, we approximate an acre of space (per person) for our food needs. In the space of one acre, I would like to grow and care for a forest garden. Based on perennials, they need care and upkeep for roughly the first two years, and after that can thrive and flourish on their own, providing food and natural beauty for observers and users. The largest of several layers of a forest garden is the tree layer, in need of full light of the sun to thrive and support their growth. They form a shade canopy that shrubs, vines, and ground plants thrive in. Many natural forests fit this pattern, yet with judicious selection these gardens provide a compatible, mutually supportive community of edible plants, a forest garden.

Variation on this proposal: Scaled back, a steel spherical terraced garden 16’ in diameter based on the perennial forest garden.

2. On an exploratory walk and meditative journey from Brooklyn to Storm King, I map a route through significant historic earthwork sites, from “Wheatfield” to the “Monuments of Passaic”. Over the course of seven days I collect objects on the way, and wrap them together into a large bundle that I continue to roll to Storm King, responding to the most significant earthworks of our day, the landfills.

Variation on this proposal: A meditative practice, an 8’ bundle of objects collected on a journey to Storm King from New York City is dragged repeatedly around a circle at Storm King over eight days, creating a deep depression in the soil. After eight days, it is left in place, half submerged in a 4’ depression.