Push – Pull

Push: Pull

Pull: A proposal for a place without a door and without walls, Pull is a sculpture in two parts. Like two bodies, pushing and pulling, forming new histories. Amphibious, portable, and scalable, these two pieces are staged in close proximity, one indoors and one outdoors. Continuously cycling through the spaces are elemental living systems.

Pull is a process. Made through meeting, learning, compromising, and scouring for materials with past lives, Pull is brought together from Havana and the United States. Temporarily inhabiting the Parke Central and inside Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana, the two parts will be used in different ways: for creative practices, dialogue, resources, and play. It will move to its next location in a long-term procession across the city, its route still changing. It may be configured into a cluster, or form a bridge. Pull imagines a city’s infrastructure built of parts made to be mobile. It understands that interdependency with each other, with urban, and rural environments is necessary now more than ever. When activated, Pull is a stage for storytelling about our shared future, and the ability each person has to narrate. A porous kind of island, ecosystem, and organism in formation, Pull is a poem and a tool.pull_samples